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We are living in difficult times, just look at the news and a grim picture is painted. We need to take actions to try and improve our current situation, physically and financially. We are certain that we have devised a way for everyone to start earning a income without risk.

That is why we ask the question; WHY NOT?

  • Purchase essential cleaning materials and save money.
  • Buying these products from the comfort of your home, and have it delivered.
  • Start earning money by introducing people to the opportunity.
  • Empowering other people to start earning money.

We are negatively programmed by so many illegal schemes and scams doing the round that we don’t see opportunity right in front of us. The question is WHY TRUST US?

  • We are a CIPC registered compliant company.
  • We have all the FICA requirements to qualify for various payment portals as well as a debit order facility.
  • You know where to find us.
  • All our dealings with distributors are transparent.
  • You are purchasing a physical product you actually use every day, not a pipe dream or expensive gadget.
  • We have all the systems in place to manage the business and commisions.

Send us a mail at mlm@koban.co.za for more info, or register on this site on the opportunities page, download the documents and send back.

Become part of the Koban Trading Family.

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