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In our tech orientated day and age a electronic / web presence is essential for any business or organization. Small business often make the mistake to think that owning a domain name and unique web space is not relevant to them. In business you generally have to sell your self first and having a domain gives a bit more credibility and traceability to your business or organization. To have your products and services “out there” goes a long way to build your business as a brand and letting people and potential clients know what you are all about. A website with all the relevant information about what you do is a handy tool to have on the go. Smart phones and tablets has amazing capabilities to assist in browsing your site. Linking your online presence to social media will take you to the next level.

The general consensus is that hosting is a costly affair and it is out of reach of most small businesses. I think we have busted that myth.

Please check out our web hosting page and follow the links to affordable and straight forward web hosting solutions. There are also a knowledge base with relevant reading and tutorials.

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