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Web Hosting & Design

In recent times having a online presence is paramount to any business or organisations success. Being able to interact and share information with customers and followers at home or on the go gives you an edge over the the competition. We have devised a affordable and easy to use web hosting service that will have you up and running in no time.

Owning your own domain name gives credibility to your business, and looks great on business cards. It also lends a lot towards establishing your business or organisation as a brand.

We also assist you with basic web design and e-commerce set up to get you going. These services are priced per case and what the design entails. Please leave a message on our Contact Us page then we will contact you with the relevant info.

Please click in the button below to see our web hosting packages and check your domain availability. the page is also filled with information to get you started. You can also log support tickets.

We trust your hosting experience with us will be a value adding and rewarding experience.

The following companies are using our web design and hosting service.