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Rainwater is probably the most precious gift from nature. It is pure free and all round good. Southern Africa is relatively arid in terms of rainfall and the experts paints a grim future for the supply of water. every times it rains 1000’s of liters of water just flows away into storm water systems. to give a idea; 1mm of rain on a 250sq meter roof area produces 250 liters of water, 10mm of rain 2500 liters of water. This water can be harvested cost effectively and re used for either irrigation or filtered for home use. This is a free recourse anyone can tap into. There are various ways to go about.

  • Tanks next to the house is a easy option, some people don’t like it as it spoils the view of the house. Tank manufacturers has made various colours and slim versions of the tanks in order to blend in.
  • Underground tanks; this is a good option but the excavation and engineering can be costly.
  • A subsoil pipe maize is a un-expensive way to store water and can be done DIY.
  • The same pipe maize can be installed to walls and made to look good by panting the same colour as the building.
  • There are also subsoil modular systems available.

There are many options available to suite every taste and budget. contact us today for a free assessment that might be a investment in tommorow.

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