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Misting Kit

Enjoy the outdoors again with the Orbit Performance 1/2 PVC Mist Cooling System. It is the perfect rigid cooling solution for home patios and outdoor recreational areas. It also works equally well for animal shelters and dog runs, while reducing surrounding temperature up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This kit includes everything needed to easily assemble 10′ of mist cooling line with no special tools needed. The system can be expanded up to 250′ with sufficient available water pressure. Includes: (9) Lengths of 1/2 x 21.75inch PVC pipe, (6) 1/2 PVC Fittings (3 elbows, 2 couplings, 1 cap), (6) Mist Nozzles, (7) PVC Mist Fittings, (1), Swivel Hose Adapter, (9) Mounting Clips, (1) Automatic Drain Valve, (1) Hose Washer, (1) PVC Cement. The Mist Cooling System is for outdoor use with cold water only. Do not use with a booster pump.

Weight 1.53 kg
Dimensions 102 × 565 × 133 mm


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