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Koban-Clean Supergrit Hand Cleaner 5Kg


Grit hand cleaner.

Koban-Clean Super Grit Hand Cleaner is a new concept in abrasive hand cleaners. Until recently, hand cleaners have been either extremely efficient grease cutters (but to the detriment of the skin), or they have been very gentle on the hands, but have done little to remove the grime.

Koban-Clean Super Grit Hand Cleaner is a combination of both desirable qualities:
 It contains highly effective grease and ink removers, and is gentle on your hands;
 It is a blend of grease removers and inert particulate matter;
 Skin damaging ingredients such as white spirits, caustic and paraffin’s are absent in Quattro Super Grit Hand Cleaner;
 Contains a careful blend of non allergenic ingredients, including emollients and skin conditioners;
 It is biodegradable and ozone friendly;
 Dissolves readily in water without forming lumps in the rinse water leaving hands residue free;
 A very small percentage of fine well-rounded grit particles removes difficult contamination (such as greases and paint) without harsh scratching of the skin and blocking of drains;
 The presence of a very effective universal, broadband, biodegradable disinfectant ensures thoroughly clean and sterile hands. The disinfectant is effective against fungi, yeast, moulds, parasites, bacteria (including gram- and gram+ bacteria).

Koban-Clean Super Grit Data Sheet

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 200 mm


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