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Increda Peg

Increda-Peg is a durable spring free, rust free 100 percent recycled plastic peg. Proudly South African Patent. Increda-Peg ZA is a proudly South African patent that has taken the clothing peg industry by storm. Increda-Peg is both affordable and multifunctional. As our slogan says, ‘Increda-Peg is not just a peg!’ It can also be used to double the utility of your washing line, for wardrobe management by creating space in your cupboard, gardening, and camping. With its pull-on and twist-off functionality, Increda-Peg is also arthritis friendly. One of the most prominent features of Increda-Peg is its durability. Unlike your traditional clothing pegs, Increda-Peg is spring-free and made from quality recycled plastic. This extends the lifespan of our peg substantially, relieving you from the constant repurchasing that comes with your traditional pegs. Increda-Peg is made entirely from recycled material and on average we recycle 1 ton of plastic every month while manufacturing this proudly South African product.

Weight 0.310 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 50 mm


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