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Steel cut off machine.

The Einhell TC-MC 355 metal cutting-off machine is the ideal tool for easily and effectively cutting to size and cutting through metal in various thicknesses. With 2300W and 4000 rpm, it is a high-performance machine. The soft-running function protects the mechanical system against high torque. The height stop enables the cutting height to be precisely adjusted. The blade lock ensures that the blade can be changed safely. With the cutting wheel (diameter 355 mm x 25.4 mm x 3.2 mm) you are ideally equipped. The clamping mechanism with quick-release lock enables sizing cuts of -15 to 45 degrees to be performed. A spark deflector provides protection against glowing sparks. The product is supplied with a tool holder, transport brace and handle


Soft start to protect the mechanics against high torque
Adjustable height stop for setting the cutting height
Blade lock for safe blade change
Clamping mechanism with quick-release lock (15degrees – 45degrees)
Spark deflector protects the surrounding area from glowing sparks
Tool holder for the supplied hex wrench
Transport brace and additional handle for transport


Weight 19.20 kg
Dimensions 569 × 335 × 440 mm


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