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KAPA 1000W Pure Sine Wave inverter with 100Ah built-in battery.


Solar backup inverter.


Portable 1000w inverter with build in 100Ah battery.

  • Dual CPU on board for increased performance.
  • Pure sine wave AC output for various appliances.
  • Digital display for easy viewing of the system states.
  • Multiple supply modes (Main/Energy-Savings/Battery)
  • Convenient 5VDC-USB ouput port and 12VDC output port.
  • Overcharge / discharge protection for extended battery life.
  • Dynamic cooling, including automatic fan, for system longevity.
  • Built in automatic protectors and alarm features, including AC output overload and circuit protection for safety.

Kapa Energy (1000W) Brochure – Copy


Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 423 × 260 × 453 mm


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