Making the nice to have's easy.

It is here, we have taken a lot of time and research to get the selected cleaning products we have on offer. we made sure that our products ticks the correct boxes in terms of quality, application and price.

In order for us to put the Koban Clean brand to it we ensured that the following was met:

Quality of the product compared to market leaders, we made sure the product does what is says it can do.

We ensured that there is a consistent and trackable supply, we opted for manufacturers with a longstanding manufacturing track record, where manufacturing batching can be traced.

We have spec sheets available for all the product on the product pages in the store area of the website for the customer to download. These sheets also have detailed information regarding application, use , dilution and other technical data.

Last but not least we had to ensure that our products are priced correctly to add value to the offering.

We believe you will get great results using our Koban Clean products.

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